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Traffic Advisories

October 2017 

Lake Road

Current Status: No campus expansion related projects on Lake Road proper are underway at this time. However, please stay observant near the construction site entrance. 


Bellevue Road

Please expect 30 minute delays on weekdays through end of November.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is expanding the gas line used to provide heat and hot water on campus.  Please expect flaggers and one-way traffic. The work will take place between G Street and Lake Road and will be complete by the end of November 2017. No work will take place on weekends.

Bellevue/Lake Intersection Reconfiguration Details

To improve access to campus, the intersection of Lake Road and Bellevue Road is being expanded and a stoplight will be installed with a new entrance to campus. The planned transition of the intersection into a four way intersection - leading into the campus - is late November 2017.


Phase 1
August-November 2017: Three-way intersection with stop sign (PDF)


Phase 2
Post-November 2017: Four-way intersection with stoplight (PDF)

Lake Road Bicycle Lane

Exercise Caution: In order to ensure bicycle access to the campus during construction of the campus expansion, Plenary Properties Merced, under contract with the University, has installed a temporary paved diversion near the intersection of Lake and Bellevue.  Please remain alert to inbound and outbound intersecting vehicles.

Ranchers Road

Current Status: No campus expansion related projects are underway at this time.

Scholars Lane

Current Status: No campus expansion related projects are underway at this time.


Questions, comments, or concerns?

Please email or call (209) 228-4434.

Current Traffic Conditions via Google Maps

Please click here for current campus traffic conditions via Google Maps.