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Bicycle Advisories during construction

The campus expansion will expand UC Merced's bicycle network. As part of the project, "Class II" on-street bicycle lanes along with exclusively dedicated "Class I" bicycle paths will be strategically located to enable safe and convenient bicycle access to all parts of the campus. When the project is complete in Fall 2020, bicycle paths and pedestrian paths will be separated to minimize conflicts.  Short-term bicycle parking will be available outside all buildings.

During construction, periodic lane shifts and construction staff flaggers will be on site to ensure user safety.  In addition, street sweepers and sweeper machines perform regular cleaning to minimize the impact of construction debris.  We appreciate your patience during this period. 

Current Advisories

Lake Road

The Merced County Bike Lane along Lake Road currently connects to Scholars Lane during the construction process.  Please note that a traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Lake and Bellevue over Thanksgiving 2017.  Please exercise caution during construction.