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Project Board

Campus photo showing beginning and Science and Engineering Building, 1

UC Merced has developed a governance and decision-making framework for the Merced 2020 Project consistent with campus priorities.

The Merced 2020 Project Board is advisory to the Chancellor and charged with ensuring the campus and the project meet their overarching objectives. The board provides timely decision making, and acts as a check-and-balance on competing campus interests. The board also proactively manages any organizational changes necessary for UC Merced to be 2020-ready. 

Project Owners

  • Dorothy Leland, Chancellor, University of California, Merced
  • Nathan Brostrom, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, University of California

Project Board

Board Chair

  • Veronica Mendez, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Academics and Research

  • Gregg Camfield, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Student Life

  • Charles Nies, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Asset Management

  • Michael Reese, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services, Emeritus

Legal Advisor

  • Elisabeth Gunther, Chief Campus Counsel 

Project Owner’s Advisor

  • Ed Klotzbier, Vice Chancellor and Chief External Relations Officer

Owner’s Representative and Project Building Official

  • Michael McLeod, Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer


Monthly Project Reports

Current 2020 Project Performance Report