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Loading Dock 1H: Bellevue Loading Dock

The Shared Service/Loading Facility is located beneath the new Academic Quad (shown above) and serves as a centralized hub for four of the 2020 Project's buildings, including the Multipurpose Dining Facility.

This below-ground planning strategy allows for a more flexible and adaptable loading program than when provided at individual buildings. By consolidating multiple buildings’ facilities, advantages in scheduling and logistics can be captured by utilizing unused bays that would otherwise be inaccessible by separated buildings. Security is also simplified by having a single point of control for service vehicles to all four buildings.

The most important benefit of this arrangement was the reduction of service vehicle traffic in locations where mixing with daily student life is undesirable. By keeping building services on a level below the main pedestrian corridor, campus life in this important hub of the University is uninterrupted 24 hours a day. 

Project Details

Architect: SOM

Program: Operations

Developer: Plenary Properties Merced

Contractor: Webcor

Completion Date: Fall 2018 

Would you like more information for this facility?

At various points during the development of this facility, we will need campus input from interested students, faculty and staff.

If you have a general question, please contact the project team at with the subject line "Loading Dock".