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The Project Site

Fall 2020: "Substantial Completion" with the addition of nine new facilities

Substantial Completion included a new wet-lab building with faculty offices and classrooms, 980 new beds in student housing, 630 new parking spaces, a conference center, a dedicated transit hub for buses, a new wellness center, an enrollment center, expansion of the existing Early Childhood Education Center, a swimming pool, three tennis courts and four basketball courts. It is 478,000 assignable square feet in size.

The 2020 Project site is a 219-acre section of UC Merced that includes 136 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to existing campus buildings. 

UC Merced opened in 2005 with a pioneering class of 875 students.  Development at UC Merced included 1.4 million GSF of LEED Gold and Platinum certified academic, residential and support facilities.  The 2020 Project expanded the physical capacity of the campus to address existing and future needs. 

Click here to download the Project Map (PDF)

The site is located in Merced, California, a community located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley - one of California's fastest growing regions.

Major Land Features

  • Two unlined agricultural irrigation, canals operated by the Merced Irrigation District (MID) and fed by Lake Yosemite, weave through the site.  MID holds 150-foot-wide easements from the centerline of the canals.
  • The site's topography slopes to the southwest. 
  • Highway 99, Lake Road and Bellevue Road provide regional access to the site. 

Environmental Status

The 2020 Project Site has secured environmental entitlements for the project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and relevant federal environmental statutes as outlined in the 2009 EIS/EIR.