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ECEC Advisory Page

What's being built adjacent to ECEC

One competition soccer field and an approximately 500-space campus parking lot is being built on the south side of Scholars Lane, directly across from the Early Childhood Education Center.  Construction activity began in December 2017. Both facilities opened for use in August 2018.

Windscreen Installed on Scholars Lane during construction

  • (3/28/18 update) The Webcor construction team has installed a new fence tarp along Scholars Lane

Recent activity 

  • (4/9/18 update)  Lime treatment of the new parking lot site will begin on Tuesday April 10, 2018 and will be complete Friday April 13, 2018.  Once complete, the parking lot site will have a concrete-like firm surface.
  • (7/19/18 update) Soccer field sod installation, bleachers and shade structure adjacent to ECEC complete.  Parking Lot paving adjacent to ECEC complete.  Both facilities open in August 2018. 

Construction Fence 
Boundary Maps

September 2017 through July 2018

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Paul Mackintosh, 

Dust and Emissions Monitoring 

As part of its contract with the University, the Plenary/Webcor development team is required to apply water to the site during construction to minimize dust. Webcor has committed to revisit its approach close to ECEC and to increase their observations and monitoring to ensure minimal dust is created. 

Dust Control Plan Map (Water Source) (Uploaded 3/27)


Contract Documents 

The campus expansion is being conducted subject to a "Project Agreement" signed between the University and Plenary Properties Merced.  The Agreement includes requirements to mitigate the impacts of construction.  

The full agreement is listed at this page:



Overall Project Delivery Schedule