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Pedestrian advisories during construction

The campus expansion will expand UC Merced's pedestrian network. As part of the project, a new primary corridor will connect the new buildings to the existing campus.

Construction continues on new student amenities, New temporary pedestrian path opens for duration of construction

Beginning August 2018, a new temporary pedestian path will open in order to enable the construction of a student enrollment center, multiple recreation fields, wellness center and swimming pool.  Those facilities are currently scheduled to open in  Fall 2020.   The new path is 400 feet to the west of the previous path and borders the new Bobcat Soccer Field. 

During construction, the majority of lower campus parking will be accommodated in the Bellevue Lot.  The temporary, 700-foot paved, accessible and lighted path will connect the Bellevue Lot to Scholars Lane during the course of construction. During construction, bicycle access will continue along Lake Road to Scholars Lane. Please visit the bicycle advisory page for latest details.   A permanent bicycle access route that will become fully operational in Fall 2020 is being developed as part of the campus expansion.