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Pedestrian advisories during construction

The campus expansion will expand UC Merced's pedestrian network. As part of the project, a new primary corridor will connect the new buildings to the existing campus.

During construction, please exercise caution adjacent to construction fences. 

Current Advisories

Lake Road Access

The Merced County walking path and bike lane along Lake Road currently includes an accessible detour adjacent to the campus site.   Please exercise caution. 

Scholars Lane 

Final utility tie in for the project is occuring between December 17th and January 7th at the latest. Pedestrians along Scholars Lane should use the north side of the street.

Bellevue Road Parking Lot

Between November 27th and December 16th, a temporary path connects the Bellevue Parking Lot to Scholars Lane.   On December 18th, a more direct path to Scholars Lane will open.