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Project Objectives

The campus expansion provided additional space to address existing student life needs and accommodate long-term enrollment growth.

Construction of Merced 2020 began in Fall 2016. Upon completion, the project delivered 1.2 million gross square feet of classroom, research, student life, housing and faculty office space between Fall 2018 and Fall 2020.

Merced 2020's Objectives

  • Adopt an aggressive construction schedule that results in substantial completion by 2020 of new academic space for teaching and research, as well as space for housing, dining, student life, athletics, campus operations and the associated infrastructure necessary to accommodate increased access to the University;
  • Provide mixed-use facilities that allow for interdisciplinary scholarly activities and result in a unique, dynamic and inspiring environment for students, faculty and staff;
  • Create built-in flexibility and adaptability to accommodate future needs;
  • Implement a project plan that expands capacity appropriately across all building and facility categories necessary for enrollment growth;
  • Create a cost-effective development that takes advantage of existing investments in campus infrastructure and provides the best overall value for the lifecycle of the facilities;
  • Support UC Merced’s sustainability goals;
  • Incorporate private-sector innovation and expertise in design, construction and management;
  • Shift certain risks related to design, construction, operations and maintenance; and
  • Facilitate greater capacity to focus on the University of California's core mission of teaching, research and public service.