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Academic Facilities

Designed for Academic Distinction

Three new wet and dry laboratories have anchored the new Academic Quad and are connected by a bridge to the existing campus.

The buildings have incorporated a flexible plan that accommodates multiple laboratory configurations; programmatic and circulation elements that encourage a sense of community; and a robust, durable, and efficient superstructure.

The primary exterior building materials are designed to be cost-effective and long-lasting, in keeping with architectural expression of the research laboratories from UC Merced’s original academic and infrastructure buildings. As in those initial buildings, the honest, familiar materials reflect the agricultural roots of the Central Valley, but they are employed in service of the functional needs of the building.

The primary identity of each laboratory comes from an expression of its concrete structure. Flat plate slabs and fin-like perimeter shear walls form frames along the broad faces of the buildings that are infilled with systems of variable degrees of opacity. 


Download a Summary of the Academic Program (PDF) 

Building Links

  • Lab 2A - Wet/Dry Laboratory (Open Fall 2019)
  • Lab 2B - Computational Laboratory and Academic Offices (Open Fall 2019)
  • Lab 3A - Wet/Dry Laboratory (Open Fall 2020)
  • Lab 3A2 - Research Greenhouse  (Open Fall 2020)