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VerdExchange Conference

January 31, 2017 - 12:00am


On January 31st in Los Angeles, the sustainability strategy for the 2020 Project will be discussed at the 2017 "VerdExchange" conference. 


Financing Green Infrastructure: To P3 or Not to P3? Identifying the Appropriate Project Delivery Model

Opening Remarks: John Chiang, California State Treasurer

Moderator: Peter Taylor, President, ECMC Foundation

Daniel Feitelberg, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget, University of California, Merced
Joshua Schank, Chief Innovation Officer, Los Angeles Metro

The nation’s aging infrastructure is becoming increasingly inefficient and vulnerable to climate change, while public funding for upgrades has become more difficult to come by. In many cases, public-private partnerships (P3s) have arisen as a solution to deliver green infrastructure projects that meet both public and private interests—by benefitting the environment and improving quality of life, as well as demonstrating the viability of advanced products. But do P3s work for every project? What do you need to know before initiating one? And what other options are there? This panel features those who have successfully utilized the P3 model at scale.


Los Angeles